6 Funny Birthday Gifts for Her

Picking a gift for your girlfriend should hold a permanent place on the list of top ten impossible things to do. Even if you manage, by some miracle, to pick just what she wanted and was dreaming of, you’ll probably get the wrong color or wrong size. The latter could even get you into trouble with our significant other. But here’s a little cheat sheet to follow when getting her a gift – simply pick from a slew of original, funny gifts and maybe you can both get a laugh out of it. 

Here’s Our Top 5 Funny Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

1Fellas, it’s about time you face the truth

Whether you pick this for your girlfriend, your sister or your mom, she’ll be thrilled to get this nifty tank top. Just imagine the proud look on your girl’s face after lifting weights and reaching a new personal record. Priceless! Also, being compared to Robert Downey Jr. gets you bonus points any day.

2A coffee a day keeps the lady boss at bay

Truth be told, women like to be in charge a lot of the time. If they also like a good cup of coffee or tea, your search for the perfect gift ends here! This is a great way for you to show your girlfriend that you appreciate her being the boss of you and acknowledge her in all her glory.

3Stop a hostile takeover in a few steps

If this doesn’t get you the label of world’s best boyfriend, we don’t know what will. And yes, we know your girlfriend has a couple of (dozens of) pairs of shoes more than she would ever need. If you live with your girlfriend, we also know your home is getting smaller by the week because there’s a hostile closet space takeover going on. Before you start seeing shoes in your fridge, we suggest you buy this baby for your babe and watch her learn all about the joys of careful saving and rewarding herself after. Works like a charm.

4All I hear is “Blah, blah, blah!”

Another fun fact about the “gentler” sex: they talk. A lot. And we love to listen. But men’s brains work in such a way that sometimes all we hear is, “Blah, blah, blah!” So we found this talking contraption that can say exactly  that too. In several different ways. Angry? Silly? Boring? This pen’s got you covered. We’re sure your girlfriend will appreciate the humor in this quirky, funny gift for her too.

Warning: Don’t use this pen when a woman is screaming at you. In case you did – RUN, YOU FOOL!

5You rang, milady?

This one is not as funny as it is cute and thoughtful. Just having your girlfriend know you’ll give her one of your mind-blowing kisses whenever she rings that pretty little pink bell is enough for her to feel special during the day. To spice things up a bit, try different accents whenever you come to kiss her – she’ll never forget that!

6Every girl wants to be a mermaid

Aside from being cozy and warm, your girlfriend will get to be a mermaid whenever she wants! And being a mermaid princess, without having to deal with the evil witch, is every girl’s dream come true. This gift is also practical and just girly enough to be tolerable around your home. However, side effects might include constantly watching Ariel and singing “Under the sea”. Consider yourself warned.

7Some things are impossible

As much as you don’t understand your girlfriend sometimes, she also doesn’t understand you. Sometimes she doesn’t even want to. The good news is that no matter how mad she is at you, you can always give her these and make her laugh. After all, laughter is considered the best medicine and that’s just what she needs. A good laugh.

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