5 Best Donald Trump Gag Gifts Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Strange times have come upon us, folks. People seem to be arguing and worrying more than they’re laughing and that must come to an end. It’s time to liven up and provide a chuckle to family, friends, coworkers, and yourself. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or independent, there’s no reason not to gather round and have some fun with friends of the same or opposing opinion over these best-selling Donald Trump gag gifts.

Here’s Our Top 5 Picks

1Take Donald to work with you

If you ever miss that unique, recognizable Donald Trump rounded lip expression while you’re at work, fear not. The expression – you know the one – has been preserved for posterity in this original, well-crafted Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder that can conveniently be placed on your desk or work station. Now you don’t have to wait to rush home to turn on the TV and see The Donald shouting into your living room – you can easily re-enact that same scene at work! Aside from standard pens, it can also hold paintbrushes, sunglasses or even a Pence pen, if you’re lucky enough to have one, and it doubles as a paper weight. This gag gift is ideal for coworkers and is as versatile and funny as The Donald himself!

2Isn’t that a decision best left to Trump?

These are volatile economic times we’re living in and decisions have never been tougher to make. If you’re looking for a gift for one of the many executives, managers, and entrepreneurs out there looking for a little expert help with their decision-making, then you need to get them this Ask Trump Spinning Decision Maker Coin by Pokerweights. Imagine being able to ask a master real estate mogul for assistance in important business decisions anywhere, any time! They’re gonna love it. And, best of all, they’re gonna make billions and billions – and have you to thank for it! It’s gonna be YUGE!

3For when you have an itch only Trump can scratch

Know those incredibly annoying itches we all get in hard to reach places? That’s where a tiny hand comes in handy. People may laugh, but tiny hands get the job done and is ideal for people with thin skin. Made from 100% premium Chinese plastic, this Tiny Hand Backscratcher will make the perfect gift for just about anyone, whatever the season. This product also supports millions of jobs and no natural materials or overpaid staff were used to make this product, so you know you’re doing the world a favour too! With Tiny Hand, you’re winning!  

4A full head of Trump hair for everyone!

Bad hombres, nasty women, and deplorables all over the world have one thing in common – they all want a head of Trump hair. And now they can have it. The manufacturer guarantees that this is a 100% American-made product and that they “hand harvest each bag directly at the source, one strand at a time”. This is the sort of fun, tasty stuff that’s going to make America great again, folks, and we can all have a piece. It’s an amazing time to be alive! Grab a few of these for your next party or summer barbecue and hand them out like they’re candy. Which they are. Cotton candy, that is.

5In the words of the great Donald Trump…

Whatever your opinion might be, there’s one thing we all have to admit. Donald Trump may be a man of few words, but sometimes his words are the only adequate response to something. If you’ve ever wished you had him by your side to issue a brilliant retort to someone’s comment, you’re in luck. This phenomenal Donald Trump Quote Machine carries 16 classic quotes, one-liners and unique zingers from him himself and will come in handy daily for both Republicans and Democrats. Just press the button and whoosh – conversation over!

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