Top 6 Gag Gifts for Your Boyfriend

A “great sense of humor” is a characteristic most people list when describing their perfect partner. And, frankly, if you can’t laugh with someone, why bother building a life and future with them? So here are a few funny gifts for your boyfriend that could really put your partner’s sense of humor levels to the test and make sure he’s the right one for you.

Here’s 6 Funny Gifts for Your Bf Guaranteed to Make Him Laugh

1The timeless farting toilet roll holder

Every normal, healthy human being gets a laugh out of this one. And if your boyfriend can’t handle it, then you should seriously reconsider spending a lifetime with someone who doesn’t even have the sense of humor of 12-year-old.

2Ring my bell

We can’t really say this particularly funny gift is all that funny. This is serious stuff here and any red-blooded male is bound to love you all the more for getting him a bell that he can ring at any time to get you in the mood.

3He may be an asshole, but you know you love him

Honesty is another characteristic we all look for in a partner. And while men may not always be honest, they’ll certainly always appreciate your honesty. So he’s an asshole sometimes, so what? Aren’t all men to some degree? Among the most caring of funny gifts you could ever get him is this cute, fun way of letting him know he’s your asshole and that you love him for it.

4Give others a right scare

If you and your boyfriend have a similar sense of humor and enjoy pranking others, then you know you’re a match made in heaven. This “I’m fine” gag t-shirt adorned with a fake injury and blood stain will make everyone look twice before it gives them a giggle. And it will keep the two of you entertained every time someone falls for it.

5When you find yourself a grown ass man

Men never grow up entirely. This is a fact we have all come to accept. But they like to think they’re grown and they’d like your support in believing it. So if you’re looking for one of the best funny gifts for your boyfriend out there that will also boost his self confidence, get him the official “Grown Ass Man” t-shirt and let the world know you stand by your allegedly, but not really, grown ass man.

6Right together

But let’s not make it all about how men are flawed. Women are flawed too. And sometimes the best way to overcome that is to laugh about it together. He’s not perfect, but he’s your Mr. Right. And you certainly make plenty of mistakes, but most of the time he’ll tell you you’re right about everything. Which makes this the perfect funny couple gift to have around to remind you both of what you’ve found in each other – a whole lot of flaws that you’ve decided to ignore.

What will be your favorite gag gift for your boyfriend? Comment Below!

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