5 Gag Gifts for Dad to Make the Old Man Laugh

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for good old dad, the ultimate goal should be to make the old man laugh. Remember, he’s the one who adorned your upbringing with dad jokes, making you laugh even when your day sucked and your grades and room weren’t up to mom’s standards. Regardless of the occasion, keep that in mind and take a look at our list of amusing, yet very interesting gag gifts for dad. Then wait for the reaction and possible retaliation, usually in the form of bad dad jokes when your friends are around.

Here’s our top picks

1Emergency kit for a dad-to-be

This may not be for your dad necessarily, but for a brother or male friends about to become a parent. This hilarious set will be a hit at any baby shower (if men had baby showers), we guarantee it! Because future dads are never fully prepared for what’s coming. Just wait for the look on his face when he sees nipples snapped on the front of this Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron!

2For the beer loving dad

You know what makes a man really happy? Not having to explain things, or even better, not having to say anything at all. Imagine your dad’s wide grin when he points at his socks and they speak for him. Then proceed to get him some beer and let him savor some downtime.

3King of the BBQ and always smoking hot

You probably can’t remember ever seeing your dad in the kitchen, preparing food from scratch. Barbecuing is actually the only kind of cooking your dad’s good at, right? Show your dad some gratitude for making the best barbecue in the world, he will much appreciate it. This beautiful designed cutting board with custom engraved graphics will be a perfect gift for your dad. Make him feel like the king of his castle and, who knows, maybe you eventually get to find him in a kitchen cooking up a holiday feast some day. (Just kidding, it’s not going to happen.)

4What does he really know about being a dad?

We bet that you were told loads of amusing anecdotes by others about your father messing up something or other when you were little, mostly because he didn’t know what he was doing. Use that idea for your next birthday or Father’s Day gag gift and give everyone another good laugh at dad’s expense. This blank gag book is funny, clever, and can also be used as a notebook or a journal. It’s loaded with quirky messages and testimonials, but they are not given away until it’s opened. Poke fun at your dad!

5For the NBA fan dad

Ok, this one is a bit on the extreme side. But just because excrement is somehow always funny. Just listen to the original product description: “Ever wondered how Steph Curry got so good at draining 3s? SLAM DUMP!” Slam Dump comes complete with balls, a backboard and a hoop that you can mount in the bathroom and play real basketball while taking care of business. We know, ridiculous. But hey, isn’t that the point? If your dad is a basketball lover and enjoys a good laugh too, he’ll be thrilled. Game time!

Do you have any other gag gift idea for your dad? Let us know in the comments!

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