5 Gag Gifts to Give Mom the Giggles

The person who brought you into this world certainly deserves a gift. No, not because you are God’s gift to mankind, but because she put up with your crying, tantrums, craziness, even when it was detrimental to her own mental health and sanity. Your mom deserves a laugh. She deserves much more of course, but for a start, make her giggle with these funny gifts. After all, don’t you want to be just like your mom when she refuses to grow up?

Here’s the Top 5 Gag Gifts for Mom Guaranteed to Make Her Laugh

1Toilet humor when nature calls

Stinkin’ hilarious! Make your favorite woman in the world laugh every time she walks into the bathroom with this perfect toilet gag gift. You may notice her gone for longer than usual when nature calls, which is probably a good thing. She may even declare she never had more satisfaction wiping in her life. Well, apart from cleaning up your smelly diapers of course.

2The gift that keeps on giving

Don’t get her a pair of earrings, get her a bag of farts! Isn’t it nicer seeing her giggle and making her giggle rather than hearing “Umm…thanks. They’re nice.”. Be bold, be brave, gift fluffy farts! This is great for moms with a sense of humor (and of course she’s a cat person, because she’s awesome).

3Color me mom

This gag gift will bring the family a hilariously enjoyable, snarky good time. It’s relatable for moms and she can reminisce about your terrible twos, your growing pains, and all of the awful things you did as a child. It’s also great for new moms, who may end up shedding a few tears, since these pages illustrate just what motherhood is really like, with all of its glorious frustrations and humor. Works well for seasoned moms too. This book works as a great stress reliever all around.

4Manual for moms

Your mom will be nodding and laughing as she recognizes herself in this book. This ridiculously funny and realistic book lists the highs and lows of motherhood. Your mom will be amused by the satire and funny real life situations presented in it. After all, we’re all kids at heart and many of us are just faking this adulting thing and waiting for it to really kick in. Though moms hide it better.

5 Raise a glass to the momster!

Since she’s a resilient and fun gal, you can joke with her over a drink. For special occasions, like when she’s screaming at you because you’re continuously screwing up your life and tearing the family apart, this glass brings instant serenity. Add an alcoholic beverage for best results. Raise a glass with her, because you turned out just fine after all.

What’s your favorite gag gift for mom? Let us know in the comment!

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