6 Funny Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Assuming you actually like your boss, to a degree, and consider him or her a fellow human being worthy of some attention on their birthday, funny gifts are a good idea to either tell your boss what you think about your workplace without actually saying it. Or just a great way to make your boss and co-workers laugh and lighten up the mood at work without spending more than a few bucks.

6 Hilarious Gag Gift Ideas For Your Boss

1A desk plate for the boss that has to deal with you

Every low-level and mid-level manager is going to want one of these on their desk, assuming they even have a desk and don’t have to walk around the workplace all day making sure employees don’t mess something up. It also makes for a great, funny gift at the price of three lattes.

2Every boss needs an exceptional coffee mug

Or if your boss doesn’t happen to have a desk and prefers lugging his or her coffee mug around the workplace while making sure no employees are tragically messing things up for the business, there’s always the mug version of the desk plate. Perhaps a more practical gift, because everyone loves and needs a cup of coffee while at work, and perfect for the boss who is a fan of using inappropriate language at work.

3For the boss with (bowel) issues

Have one of those bosses that spends half the work day in the can? Here’s a gag gift idea that will both send him the message that he should have a professional look into that and make him feel better about it. A gag gift like this roll of “I am the BOSS” toilet paper is always useful and the gift that never stops giving.

4Mr. Big Shot Fancy Pants

Every office has one. He or she may not necessarily be the boss, but you know them when you see them. Perhaps they’re in charge or maybe they’re aspiring to be boss. Either way, the Mr. Big Shot Fancy pants in your office needs this desk plate and will be proud to display it at their work station. And they’ll love you for being the first to recognize their leadership talents.

5Boss like The Donald

Both Hillary and Donald fans will find this hilarious. If your boss is tired of having to shout insults and orders your way, then there’s no better replacement than this one that has utters 8 different phrases in The Donald’s real voice.

6You’re Fired!

Speaking of The Donald, every boss should have this particular item. In fact, get your boss at least two of these hilarious “You’re fired!” buttons with The Donald’s real voice, in case the head honcho at your workplace needs to relieve more than one employee of their duties at a time. Just make sure to be clear that this is all a gag, before your career meets an early demise.

That’s a wrap in our gag gifts for the boss segment. What’s your favorite? Do you have any other idea? Comment below the article and let us know!

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