6 Naughty Gag Gifts for Couples To Make Them Blush

Bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and even retirement parties. These are just a few excuses for giving your partner or your favorite couple one (or all) of these naughty gifts. From board games and card games to pillows that send the right message, here are six ways to spice up a couple’s love life and make them blush all over in minutes.

Our Top 6 Picks for Adult Gifts for Couples

6Rolling the dice

Every couple reaches a point when they need to spice up their relationship, but this gift may make things a little dicey for less extroverted pairs. This spicey game for adult couples has been dubbed “Love Dice” and all a couple really needs is some alone time and they’re ready to roll. Literally. And in more than one sense.

5Whatever rings your bell

If just the dice aren’t kinky enough for your favorite couple, then this hot little naughty gift comes with bells on too. Ring the bell, roll the dice or both to explore new, uncharted sexual limits. Just four simple items in the set, but guaranteed to make any couple blush.

4Next level spin the bottle

Remember playing spin the bottle in junior high? Or the R-rated version in college? Well, here’s the X-rated version of your favorite teenage party game, except it’s not recommended for parties. Unless, you know, you’re into that whole public display thing. To allow this genuinely sexy, naughty gift to take its full provocative effect, have it packaged and addressed to directly to your friend’s or favorite couple’s address. Then hide in the bushes next door, but not in a creepy way, so you can catch the expression on their faces when they receive it!


If just X-rated isn’t enough for what you had in mind, we’ve lined up a blatantly tripple-X rated adult board game for you.  It looks like a family friendly, Monopoly-style game, but it plays a whole lot differently. In fact, this adult board game is all about playing and discovering what pleases your partner. We realize you came here looking for a fun, naughty gift, but we suggest you keep this one for yourself and your partner. Maybe let your friends borrow it every once in a while. Maybe.

2Just get naked already

Seriously, why bother playing strip poker when you can just get naked? But if you’d rather involve a card game, here’s something better than regular old strip poker. This card game set includes 52 get naked playing cards and a rule book, and requires no skills other than being able to unbutton and unzip. Follow the rules and at least one of you will be naked in no time!

1Say it with a pillow

If you’ve wondered every night when you walk into your bedroom whether or not you’d be getting any – wonder no more! If all else fails, couples can now use this pillow to let each other know whether magic will be made in the bedroom tonight. Feel free to use in the living room and/or other areas within your home. Although a pillow on the kitchen counter may look a little strange, go for it anyway.

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