5 Great Gag Gift Ideas for Your Retiring Friend

Retirement is a great achievement that should be celebrated the right way. Also, it is a perfect opportunity for giving a gag gift to your retiring friend. With a little bit of creativity and research, you can easily find just the right item your friend is going to find hilarious. While picking an entertaining present, remember that it should also be practical.

If you are all of out of funny gift ideas, you are going to love the suggestions we have in mind, as they are both playful and practical. Let’s take a look at the following ideas that will bring a smile to your friend’s face.

Here’s Our Top Picks for Retirement Gag Gifts

1Fun book full of great ideas

If you are worried that your friend is going to feel “lost in retirement”, getting him or her the 101+ Fun Things to do in Retirement is fun, entertaining and practical. The book is rich with various ideas that will help your friend make the most out of their free time.

Your friend is going to find the book quite funny, as it is full of amusing changes he or she should now implement in their life. If you want your friend to become a fun grandad or grandma, this is the perfect choice, as the book will help them truly enjoy their abundance of free time.

2Funny I am retired T shirt

Walking around and teasing other people is always fun! If you want to help your friend realise how awesome the coming period of life they are entering is, getting him or her this T shirt is a great option.

Once he or she has received this present, the last work day is going to bring a lot of smiles to many people’s and your friend’s face. As the text on the T shirt says “I’m retired and your are not, have fun at work tomorrow”, your friend’s friends will certainly have a laugh, some may even be a bit jealous of them.

3Special Parking Permit

Picking a funny, yet practical present is quite challenging. However, if your friend is a passionate and active driver, he is going to love this token of appreciation. It is a whimsical Parking Permit that fully states that you now have an “Official Retired Parking Privilege Permit”. This is an awesome gift that is going to bring joy in your friend’s free time, as wherever he or she goes, your present will accompany them. Additionally, it is going to be helpful, as it is also practical.

4Awesome retirement apron

If your friend is a passionate cook. He or she is going to love this funny apron. It will keep everyone in the household reminded of how great it is to be finally retired!

The apron will also point out to the wearer of all the freedom he or she now has!

5Whatever desk clock

Getting your retiring friend a “Whatever Desk Clock” is a perfect way of telling him or her to use their time to relax and move away from stress. Whenever your friend takes a look at this clock, it will bring a smile to his or her face and remind him or her that it is no longer necessary to worry about time. The truly funny situations are going to occur when people are visiting, as they are going to be confused, leading to numerous funny situations.

These are some amazing gag gifts for retirement your friends are going to find both funny and useful. They are perfect for making them happy, therefore, get one and watch how they are going to react! It is a perfect way to kick off your friend’s retirement!

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