5 Hilarious Toilet Paper Gag Gifts to Show How Much You Care

Looking for a way to rekindle the spark in your relationship or re-establish a deeper connection with a roommate or bestie? We’ve got just the thing for you.

Relationships, whether with a romantic partner, close friend or family are all about intimacy. And nothing is more intimate than toilet paper. Except for maybe childbirth. But going through childbirth with someone is who isn’t actually the coparent-to-be of your child is probably overstepping boundaries and may even be a little creepy. So best to stick to each other’s urinary and bowel movements to establish intimacy.

To help you pick the best toilet paper gag gift for your loved ones, we put together a list of our favorites.

1Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

If you’ve had recent political differences with your loved one, get them this collectable toilet roll with President Trump’s puckered up mug to brighten up their day and lay your petty political griefs to rest for the next four years. Whether you’re laughing at him or with him, this gift is bound to give your friends a good chuckle.

2Barack Obama 8 Years Flushed Away

Or perhaps your political differences are on the other end of the spectrum. A tender, two.ply, non-smudge face of former President Barack Obama is your perfect choice. Flush those eight years away again and again, until you finally feel liberated and reconnected with your nearest and dearest.

3One Hundred Dollar Bill

For friends who are more into the bling and cha-ching of things that life has to offer, go straight for the money shot. The new on hundred dollar bill toilet paper roll is made of soft 100% pure wood pulp texture as is perfectly suited for derrieres more accustomed to the finer things in life.

4I Love You from Top to Bottom

Or just forget all about politics and the money. Maybe you just want to cut through all the crap and go straight to the heart of the matter. If the “I love you from top to bottom” colorful, eye-catching toilet paper roll doesn’t tell them and everyone else how much you truly, deeply care for them… well, then they’ll never know.

5Farting Toilet Roll Talker

Then there’s this farting toilet roll talker that is easily installed with your regular old toilet paper and makes going to the bathroom more fun that it’s ever been. Surprise your guests and give them a good laugh whenever they visit the premises at your premises. With seven different fart sounds (minus the smell – you’ll have to provide that), your guests will never know what’s coming next!

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If you aren’t all wiped out after reading this and are still looking for the perfect gift to tell someone who means the world to you how much you care, browse through other similar items and make sure to let that person know you’re thinking of them every time they go to the bathroom.